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Settling In

Hello friends! It’s been a while! Sorry for the long delay in updating the blog and thanks for coming back to read. Things with the house are moving at a MUCH slower pace now that we’re actually living here and now that Allen is working in Chattanooga (STILL amazed by the Lord’s timing on that – moved into the house and started a new job all on the same day)!

Getting the foundation fixed and getting the house livable before we moved in was a huge praise, but we confess, since we moved in not a whole lot of progress has been made.

Allen and Claire were able to lay some tile by the back door

We’ve continued some small projects like painting and putting vinyl siding back on the parts of the house where we had to remove it. But then…some parts of the house still look like this:

But until we can get to it, we just close the door and ignore it!

And now we are just taking some time to actually enjoy living in the house and are settling into a routine. And since we’re not ripping up floors and cranking foundation jacks anymore,we’ve been able to turn our thoughts to other things, like farming, which is why we moved here in the first place!

I’ll take a moment here to do a little explaining, because I think we’ve confused some people. We’re not actually living on the farm right now. The house we have been renovating and are now living in was my grandparents’ house “in town.” My grandfather and his sister also owned the farm property which is 4 miles outside of town (long commute, I know). My grandfather’s sister lived at the farm until she died at which point the farmhouse and the acre it sits on was sold out of the family (maybe someday we can buy the house back and renovate that one to-it’s older than the one we’re in now!). But the rest of the 140 acres of farmland was held by the family and is now owned by my dad, his sister, and their cousin. We all met together a few weeks ago and we shared with them our vision for what we would like to do with the farm and they have agreed to let us start with a half-acre next year (2013). Using only a half-acre out of 140 feels really puny, but if I learned anything at the ag conference we attended in January, it was to start small! Besides, Allen is going to be working full-time off the farm, so it will mostly be just me and my collinear hoe. Note-I don’t actually have a collinear hoe right now, so this is a big hint for anyone who’s looking for birthday or Christmas gift ideas later this year. My birthday is June 20th 😉

We weren’t equipped to start at the farm this year and the fields are already being leased out for pasturing horses and growing corn, so this year we’ll just be doing what we’ve always done, a backyard garden. And spring is here! Allen tilled up some new ground and the girls and I have already started our seeds for summer crops and planted our first round of spring plants.

I have also started volunteering at Crabtree Farms in Chattanooga. They are a non-profit farm with a focus on education and outreach. I figured if we’re going to run a farm, I ought to learn from people who actually have a successful working farm!

And for the ministry side of the farm, I will begin volunteering this week with a local ministry here in Dunlap called Serenity Pointe. They have an established and effective ministry for helping those who are struggling with drugs, alcohol, homelessness, etc. I have MUCH to learn from them.

Thanks for following us on this journey and our prayer is that God will be glorified in every step!


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